How we work

How we work

We want to know all about you, and we’re not afraid to ask – even on our very first date. Be prepared for difficult questions such as what are the weakest spots in your production process, does your margin actually work out in your favour, and what are your KPI’s or SMART goals for the next 12 months. If we like what we’re hearing, we’ll make a proposal for you to join our starter programme. Hopefully, you’ll agree it’s an awesome idea!

Dig deeper
We will then investigate and rank your competition and German market as well as how does your pricing compare to other products on the market. We call it the Opportunity Score and this will give us an idea if your product is competitive enough. If you score 8 or higher, you’re in for the win. 6-7 points mean there’s still some work to be done. A score of 5 or less means that you should get back to the drawing board (or try other markets).

Odds are, you’re not yet completely ready to take the German market over by a storm. We help you to iron out those last few (or not so few) wrinkles:

  • storytelling
  • marketing materials in the local language
  • high-quality photo bank
  • packaging
  • certificates, local permits and registrations
  • production
  • quality control
  • pricing
  • how to sell

When ready, you will have an opportunity to be showcased on our platform that connects Estonian artisans to German online stores and gives you an easy access to hundreds of specialised online boutiques. All the prep done will also come very handy when approaching retailers on German market individually. Cold calling and trade shows will become your best friends.

Apply as a startup here

If your company was registered more than two years ago then please get in touch to join the platform as an established maker.